2017 Quilt Show News

Our thanks to our wonderful members, volunteers, vendors, friends and family who helped us with our 35th Anniversary Year Quilt Show


Our Urban Inspirations - 2017 Show Winners


Pieced Quilts - Small

1st Place - Betsy Vinegrad - "Orbit"

2nd Place - Tom Cuff - "Let's Miss Bee Hive"

3rd Place - Valerie K. Turer - "Crane Flies Over Pond"

Honorable Mention - Peggy McGeary - "Kosmic Blues....and Greens"


Pieced Quilts - Large

1st Place - Lisa Mason - "My First Double Wedding Ring"

2nd Place - Teri Scaduto - "Hip to be Square"

3rd Place - Kimberly Tappana - "Pickle Dish"

Honorable Mention - Veronique Milliez - "Rio"


Appliqued Quilts - Small

1st Place - Diane Larrier Collier - "Say Amen, Somebody"

2nd Place - Marilyn Hamilton Jackson - "Pride"

3rd Place - Susan Acevedo - "Spring in the Garden"

Honorable Mention - Mary Butler - "Tis the Nature of Cats"


Appliqued Quilts - Large

1st Place - Betty Belford - "Love at First Sight"

2nd Place - Reggy Sonsino - "New York State of Mind"

3rd Place - Jo-Ann Demas - "Rooster Tales in the City"

Honorable Mention - Karen Baskett - "Chelsea Bluebird Sampler"


Miniature Quilts

1st Place - Betsy Vinegrad - "Share and Share Alike"

2nd Place - Barbara Hull - "35: I'm Counting!"

3rd Place - Catherine Peterson "I can't See! I Can't See!"

Honorable Mention - Ariana Berry - "Merge"


Special Techniques

1st Place - Lucia K. Chan - "Evolving I"

2nd Place - Ellen Yamaguchi - "Swim Lanes"

3rd Place - Laurinda M. Liang - "Millefiore Redux"

Honorable Mention - Cheryl Kulakoff - "Images of Ireland's Countryside"


Art Quilts

1st Place - Roz Manor - "Little Girl Dining at The Ritz"

2nd Place - Susan Louis - "Calm"

3rd Place - Elizabeth Pile - "The Burning Pine Barrens 1995"

Honorable Mention - Alice Palmer - "Betty Boop Goes to Hawaii"


Rookie Quilts

2nd Place - Betty Robertson - "Red Organ Keys"



Best Hand Piecing:  Laurinda M. Liang - Millefiore Redux

Best Machine Piecing:  Kimberly Tappana - Pickle Dish

Best Hand Applique:  Betty Belford - Love at First Sight

Best Machine Applique:  Diane Larrier Collier - Say Amen, Somebody

Best Use of Embellishments:  Ellen Yamaguchi - Swim Lanes

Judge's Choice:  Betsy Vinegrad - Share and Share Alike

Best in Show:  Lisa Mason - My First Double Wedding Ring

Viewer's Choice: Lisa Mason - My First Double Wedding Ring

Vendor's Choice: Larry Gifford - My Trip to Santa Fe

NACQJ* Award of Merit for Oustanding Achievement in Quiltmaking: Lucia K. Chan - Evolving I

*National Association of Certified Quilt Judges




1st Place:  Tina Barth - "Seminole Jewelry"

2nd Place:  Ellen Yamaguchi - "Flaco Flies Free"

3rd Place:  Betsy Vinegrad - "Spiral 8"