Gallery - March 2011 Charity Day

Charity Day Activities -  March 2011

Some of our members hard at work on Charity Day, March 5, 2011.
Thank you to JoAnn Gatch, for the photos!

Dorothy Arkell and Pat Decker.

L-R: Anna Krassy, Lee Ebs, Rhona Triggs, Susan Louis and Beth Pile

Juliana KallooLigaya Siachongco

Marcia Schulman                   Michael Greenberg, Karen Sternberg,
                                            Lisa Kehrle, Megan Cuffy-Netty

Carmen Caldeiro

Pamela Leonard Wexler and Anna Foss                    Floramina Balmaseda

Diane RubensteinMary Butler and Mary Ferry

Kate Iscol and Emily Klainberg                                 Carole Hoffman

Cathy Anderson

Jennifer BigelowKate Iscol

Rena RappaportMildred Purdy

Photos by JoAnn Gatch