Bring paper and pen to take notes; here briefly is what’s on tap and what else you should bring. Workshops start after a brief break once the business meeting is finished. Handouts are for participants. Be on time, ready to have fun while learning something new.

These two classes are brief, about 15 minutes, and will be repeated once. Each is limited to 10 stitchers at a time.

Valerie Turer: Chunky bead necklace; a good way to use the fabric you’ve been saving for something special. Wear your fav fabs!  Val will show the supplies she uses, give a demonstration, and provide handouts. Space available.

Ann Foss: One-Patch/Fun-Patch charm; learn easy quilter’s math to adapt charm size for oversize or border prints. Optional: bring 6” or 12” ruler, fabric you’d like to use. Handouts. Space available.

The following classes will be offered once.

Jennifer Bigelow: Finishing techniques, just in time for our quilt show.  Jennifer will review finishing techniques and things you must remember when finishing your quilt for the show. She will speak briefly about why to have your quilt judged—even if you are a beginner. Bring work you need help finishing. Space available.

Lorna Ellis: Embroidery stitches for quilts—crazy quilts, redwork, appliqué, art quilts. Not only can you use embroidery for your quilt but also to create a quilt label or a nametag.

Janice Ewing:  Quilted sweatshirt. Janice will demonstrate how to make a lovely jacket from an ordinary sweatshirt and fabric from your stash.

Cheryl Kulakoff: Embroider your photo. In this workshop, Cheryl discusses how she looks at photographs and figures out hwo to create similar effects with embroidery threads. By using demonstration and discussion, Cheryl will outline the steps involved in the process of recreating a photograph using stitches. Available: Kit with muslin square. Bring basic sewing kit, embroidery floss, and between needle . Limit 15,space available.

Peg McGeary: Open, zipperless tote. A good way to use up some of your stash! Peggy will describe what materials are required and quickly describe how to create your tote. She will have a handout with guidance you can take home. Limit 15, Space available.

Gretchen Peacock: Creativity:  Are you in a creative slump? Gretchen will discuss what creativity is, its benefits and how to jumpstart yours if you are stuck. This workshop will have hands-on activities and a handout.

Niomi Wolfe: Paper pieced hexagons. Hexies are enjoying a renaissance, see what’s their latest incarnation.



All members of Empire Quilters are encouraged to make one charity quilt a year.  We are starting a new year and we will need all of our members to participate in our charitable endeavors.