The Empire Quilters - Block of the Month

If you are not familiar with how the Block of the Month, here’s how it works: Bring your completed block(s) to the meeting and enter your name in the drawing. (If you bring two blocks, you enter your name twice.) The winner receives all the blocks and a stunning new quilt top is almost done! Stop by the BOM table at guild meetings to admire all the blocks before the drawing. (But you can’t win if you don’t “play.”) This is a fun way to make friends and feel more connected with the group.

There are no Quilt Police here — this is a Stress-Free Zone! So join the fun.

2019-2020 Blocks!


For instructions CLICK HERE for Butterfly and CLICK HERE for Butterfly B. 

We are working on some exciting blocks for our 2019-2020 Guild Year.  Next year will follow a theme : FLOWERS!  There will be 8 to 10 blocks each a 12.5" flower.  Participants who do 2 per month will have enough flower blocks to make a whole quilt for themselves at season's end. There will be a SECOND CHANCE for everyone who entered blocks during the entire season with a drawing for the entire seasons "Sample" blocks.  Those are the blocks that appear in each month's instructions.  

There will be 2 blocks coming from Kriztina - head of the Guilds Auction quilts committee that help fund our bi yearly Show.  The first will feature the "WONKY STAR" block, instructions can be found on the Quilt Show 2021 page.  


For instructions CLICK HERE.


October 2019 BOM

For instructions CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Be sure to print page 2 with the Templates ACTUAL SIZE.  


For instructions CLICK HERE

2018- 2019 BLOCKS: 


Introducing a throwback block for charity.  Using the WAYBACK machine we've discovered some real gems from past seasons.  EMPIRE will provide fabric kits and instructions for these blocks and the winner of the BOM drawing will be required to create a charity quilt from them.  We're going back to our roots with this one. 

Instructions are HERE

APRIL 2019 - TENNESSEE - a scrap buster block

Special thanks to for the instructions. 

Instructions are HERE


Instructions are HERE

For more information on the 2019 QOV block drive: 

February 2019 - Applique Hearts your way. 

Members were given the fabric for this.  Instructions:  Applique the heart onto the background fabric any way you like. 

January 2019 - Kitty Corner 

 Jan 2019 BOM







Click Here for instructions for the January 2019 Block of the Month 

November 2018 - Disappearing Four Patch

Click HERE for November BOM 2018 Instructions

EMPIRE THANKS Judy Johnson and the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild ( for the instructions and layout. 

October 2018 - Maple Leaf

Click HERE for October BOM 2018 Instructions

September 2018 - Churn It Again

Click the link for September 2018 BOM Instructions


June 2018 - Needle Turn Applique Circles 

The June BOM as taught by Sarah Fielke

There are 2 video links for this one.  In the first video tutorial Sarah will teach you how to make perfect circles for applique and the second video demonstrates how to needle turn applique.  You can use anything round to make your circles, cups, glasses. You'll need cardboard, aluminum foil, a thin longish needle like a milliners and thread, the thinner the better. 80wt is best but 50wt works just as well.  :) The thread color should match the color of your circle. 

Cut a square of white or reads as white fabric 5 1/2" square. The circle can be any size you like (that is smaller than 5") and any color you like.  If you are feeling ambitious you can use a 10 1/2" square and multiple circles.  Make sure to leave 1/4"- 1/2"  all around the square.  

Video 1 How to make Perfect Applique Circles.

Video 2 How to do Needle Turn Applique.

Empire thanks Sarah Fielke for graciously allowing us to use her video's and methods.  

May 2018 - 12 1/2" Log Cabin

Here is a link to a PDF with the instructions May 2018 BOM


April 2018 - 10 1/2" Whatever Block

There are no instructions this month.  As long as it's 10 1/2" it's good!  A great way to use up scraps.  Just sew the scraps together until you get a 10 1/2" square's worth and trim!  

February 2018 - ROMAN STRIPES - Black and Small Scale Colored Fabrics

Click HERE for pdf instructions.

January 2018 - Churn Dash - Blue and White

Click HERE for pdf instructions. 


November 2017 - No Waste Flying Geese - FALL COLORS

Click HERE for pdf instructions. 


October 2017 - PINWHEEL - Red and White


Click HERE for pdf instructions.