December 2004 Fund-Raiser

Our December, 2004 Fund-Raiser was a success on many levels: we all worked together, we all had a good time, and we made some money, too! The event would not have happened without the active participation of many, many guild members. Thanks to all of you!

Donations for the auctions were terrific, and many people went home with valuable items. Please review the lists of donors (following the pictures), and thank them by supporting their business.

Many guild members participated in the auction, and we thank each of you for your time, your baked goods, your donations, and your purchases! Notably generous guild members were Susan Stauber, Janet Randolph, and Diane Rode Schneck, who went above and beyond the call of duty and donated so many wonderful items to the auction. Even the flea market had a huge number of items donated, such as 30 pairs of costume jewelry earrings contriubted by Gloria Abramowitz, or framed paper-cutout artwork by Stephanie Sheehan (to name only a couple!). Even last-minute commercial donors (see complete list below) were greatly appreciated. Every volunteer exemplified the the true spirit of the Empire Quilters, and the guild should be very proud.

Pictures of the Day's Events

Live Auction

Special thanks to Barbara Hull (left) for her many hours of work to get the event off the ground, to Michael Greenberg (second from right) for his organization skills, and to auctioneer John McCall (right), for keeping the auction lively and fun.

Silent Auction

The silent auction drew much attention throughout the event, as bidders monitored of the price of the special items they wanted.

Bake Sale & Flea Market

It was impossible to go home hungry with all the delicious baked good for sale, and the enthusiastic sales ladies encouraging you to "buy one more!" People not wanting the suspense of the live auction or silent auction were still able to go home with treasures from the Flea Market.

50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 Raffle was a big hit. Someone had to win half of the takings! Not many were shy about trying their luck. Congratulations to winner Winifred Sanders.

Volunteers and Participants

A happy end to a successful day.


Thank you to Edward Russell for the photography!

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Auction Donations

We are grateful to the following companies and artists for their generous contributions for our fund raiser. Please review the lists of donors, and thank them by supporting their business.

Donations from companies: The following companies sent some of their products for the auction. Many lucky bidders went home with some great purchases!

American Quilter Society
City Quilter
Cranston Village
C & T Publishers
Electric Quilt
Fabric and Home Bonanza
Fabric Traditions
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
Free Spirit Fabric

Keepsake Quilting
Michael Miller Fabrics
Nancy's Notions
P & B Textiles
Patchwork Moon Designs
Quilt Essentials
Quilt in a Day
Sew Batik
Sew Right Sewing Machines
The Warm Company

Donations from artists, authors and teachers: The following quilters donated CD's, patterns, books, and/or quilts! Visit their websites (by clicking on their name) to see some of their stunning work. A BIG thank you to these generous and talented individuals!

Esterita Austin
Pat Campbell
Jennifer Chiaverini (of Elm Creek Quilters)
Cynthia Corbin
Karen Eckmeier
Caryl Bryer Fallert
Linda Franz (of Quilted Diamonds)
Janice Jamison Harston
Irma Gail Hatcher
Cathie Hoover

Margaret Miller
Paula Nadelstern
Sue Nickels
Elin Noble
Brenda Papadakis (of
Sharon Pederson
Linda Poole
Elizabeth Rosenberg
Michele Scott
Lorraine Torrence
Kaye Wood

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The event could not have happened without the superb efforts of the following guild volunteers:

Dorothy Arkell
Evelyn Berkowitz
Priscilla Blakemore
Neida Bonilla
Mary Butler
Betty Chen
Joanne Downes
Lee Ebbs
O. Betty Ford
Emma Green
Michael Greenberg

Melanie Hill
Carole Hoffman
Barbara Hull
Judy Isaacs
Linda Lee Kelly
Ellen Knudsen
Marilyn Korn
Clarie Leffel
Gail Lefton
Leila Lieberman
Debra Levin

Mary Levins
Susan Louis
Marge O'Neill
Alice Palmer
Beth Pile
Cindy Russell
Rita Schramm
Judy Shapiro
Kitty Squire
Robin Tribble
Eve Winer

The Bake Sale and Flea Market were a great success. Thanks to all the donors and volunteers! The following individuals donated items to the bake sale and/or flea market:

Gloria Abramowitz
Marie Annoual
Lisa Belle
Olga Binert
Priscilla Blakemore
Neida Bonilla
Liz Burpee
Mary Butler
Sandra Cain
Pearl Chow
Janis Comerford
Carolyn Djokoto
Anita Duncan
Janice Fongkin
Natalie Garfinkle
Terri Gavin

Joan Hellmann
Sylvia Hughes
Judy Isaacs
Jan Jenicek
Jackie Johnson
Doris Julis
Ruthe Karlin
Andrea Kelly
Anna Krassy
Marjorie Kruty
Anna Lega
Leila Lieberman
Debbie Martinez
Elaine Mauceli
Veronique Milliez

Joann Montalbano
Alice Palmer
Beth Pile
Diane Rubenstein
Sandra Samaniego
Winifred Sanders
Stephanie Sheehan
Florence Silverman
Lauren Smetko
Kitty Squire
Rhona Triggs
Mary Jane Van Loon
Rossanna Wells
Dorothy Williams
Maggie Williamson

If your name doesn't appear on these lists, but you volunteered or donated, you still have the guild's heartfelt thanks (and apoligies!) We did our best to keep track of everything.

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