2009 Elm Creek Sampler Focus Group

The Elm Creek Sampler Club Focus Group, led by guild member Helen Beall began meeting in September 2009. Group members meet before the general guild meetings at F.I.T. to share and discuss the creation of blocks Elm Creek Blocks. from Jennifer Chiaverini and Nancy Odom's book, Elm Creek Quilts: Quilt Projects Inspired by the Elm Creek Quilts Novels(C&T Publishing, Inc. 2002). Group members make new friends, work on a common project, support and inspir each other — and shared their tips and their finished blocks.

Here are some of their terrific results!



Finished Quilts

Congratulations to all the group members who have finished quilts and quilt tops! The variety of individual expression within our quilting tradition is truly wonderful. Those of us who didn't participate, loved seeing the results of their work.

Mary Ferry with her completed quilt at the June 2010 guild meeting.

Allison Hyde showing her beautiful finished piece at the June 2010 meeting

Lisa Kehrle with her completed quilt at the June 2010 guild meeting.

Helen Beale — the group's inspiring leader! — with her sampler at the June 2010 meeting

Lucy Kissiedu with her charming completed quilt that she showed to many admirers at the May 2010 meeting. Great job!

Maxine Townsend-Broderick with her exquisite — and colorful! — quilt that fetures flower fabric. Shown at the May 2010 meeting. Beautiful!

Linda Vredenburgh with her delightful sampler blocks set with 4-patches. Linda showed this at the January 2010 meeting.

Betty Belford's 12-block Sampler is simply stunning. Her vintage Kansas fabrics and her exquisite workmanship have won our hearts, indeed. Shown at the April 2010 meeting.




Here are the blocks that appeared month by month:

September 2009 – Sawtooth Star Block


October 2009 – Double 9-patch


November 2009 – Contrary Wife


November 2009 – Schoolhouse

December 2009 – Lemoyne Star


December 2009 – Bachelor's Puzzle


January 2010 – Posies-Round-the-Square


February 2010 – Lancaster Rose


February 2010 – Sister's Choice


March/April 2010 – Hand's All Around


March/April 2010 – Ohio Star

May 2010 – Chimneys and Cornerstones