ALL In-Person Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

When we resume meeting our location will be at the

 Church of the Holy Apostles

296 Ninth Ave @28th St New York, NY 10001 (Map)






  • Empire Speaker Meeting
  • Date:  Saturday, May 8th
  • Time:  1:00pm with early sign-on at 12:30pm

  • Empire Chat
  • Date:  Wednesday, May 19th 
  • Time:  1:00pm

  • Empire General Meeting
  • Date:  Wednesday, May 26th
  • Time:  7:00pm with early sign-on at 6:30pm
  • NOTE:  Zoom Invitations will be sent out the
  •            Monday prior to meetings.


Speaker Meeting:  Saturday, June 12th at 1pm with sign-on at 12:30pm

Guild Chat:  Wednesday, June 16th at 1PM - 3PM

General Empire Meeting:  Wednesday, June 23rd at 7PM with sign-on at 6:30pm




Instruction #1:  Make and use two different sizes of nine-patch blocks.  You can make two or two dozen.  Any fabric of your choice (from your stash!).  Any sizes of your choice.  And you can add whatever you want.

Instruction #2:  Use any type of striped fabric.  Either fabric with a strip design or striped fabric you make by sewing strips together.  Remember, there is no right wrong way...only your way!

Instruction #3:  Add a circle....any circle...or many circles. You can make a block with a circle motif. You can cut out a circle and attach it. You can add a tiny circle or a giant circle. You can cut a circle out of a circle out of a circle out of (well you get the idea) and add all of them. You can hand embroider a circle. You can stitch a circle by machine. You can even cut a circle out of your creation so far. IN OTHER WORDS...add a circle however you want!

Instruction #4:  Add log cabin blocks, as many as you want but no less than four.  Also any size you want and in any combination.  Remember Log Cabin Blocks are very versiatile blocks!

Instruction # 5: Use a fabric you dislike anyway and any amount that you want.

Instruction # 6:  Add a decorative stitch either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Instruction # 7:  Add a minimum of 2 half square triangles




September: Heather Kojan - Quilt Remix: UFO'S, Orphan Blocks and What Was I Thinking??!! Fresh Ideas for Stale Projets.

October: Leni L. Weiner - Finding Your Artistic Voice

November: Shannon Shirley – An Eclectic Mixed Trunk Show

December: Alex Anderson – A Review from Quilt North

January: Cindy Grisdela – Playing with Colors

February: Rachel Clark – Topic TBA

March: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrell – Content, Concepts & Quilts: Quilting as a Graphic Designer

April: Carrie Zizza - A Deep Dive into Needles, Thread, Batting & Fabric 

May: Ellen Linder – Confessions of a Fabric Whisperer

June:  Mary Tabar - Embellishments Techniques

July:  Diane Murtha - Peaceful Stitching

August:  Diane Harris - Taste Test Trunk Show



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