Role Who Term Ends
Executive Board    
President  Gretchen Peacock 2021
First Vice President Ann Morrell 2021
Second Vice President  Charlotte Wolter 2020
Treasurer  Lisa Kehrle 2020
Secretary  Shune Sumner 2021
Committees / Activities    
Monthly Programs Scheduler    
Monthly Workshops Coordinator Reggy Sonsino  
Membership Edna Ray, Ann Morrell  
Vendors Coordinator (for meetings) Sonnyia Stephens  
Monthly Focus Groups Gretchen Peacock  
Monthly Show & Tell Sandi Howell  
Quilter of the Month Wendy O’ Flaherly  
Lending Library/Donated Magazine Sales Mary Cargill*, Karen Monath


Charity Coach and Chat (Focus Group) Linda S. Miller, Tina Barth*  
Monthly SWAP Tina Barth  
Service Committee - Monthly & Yearly Charity Day Cheryl Kulakoff*, Sandi Frenke  
Service Committee - Holiday Giving Gretchen Peacock  
Monthly Share Table Linda Kelly  
Monthly Fund Raising (aka Raffles) Susan Louis  
Facilities Coordinator Tina Barth  
Members Teaching Members Annie Foss  
Block of the Month** Lisa Kehrle, Karen Baskett  
Newsletter Editor/ Publisher Susie Dippel  
Newsletter Advertising    
Newsletter USPS Mailing Sherry-Dawn Brown, Anna Krassy  
Newsletter PDF Emailing Gretchen Peacock  
Donations Coordinator Janice Ewing  
Website, Facebook Karen Baskett, Lisa Kehrle  
Welcoming Committee Rossanna Wells  
Instagram, Twitter Lisa Kehrle  
Field Trips Coordinator Mindy Wexler-Marks  
MAQGNET Coordinator    
Ways and Means    
Quilt Show Raffle Quilt Kriztina Johnson  
Publicity Annie Foss  
Biennial Quilt Show Chairpersons -2021 Shune Summer/ Sonnyia Stephens  
Nominating Committee: President+1 Officer+ up to 2 Members  
*  Lead ** Block of the Month will be taking a break for the 2020-2021 season.