Gallery - April 2005 & April 2010 - Rhona Triggs

Rhona Triggs has a long history of sewing — her mother was a fashion design student at Pratt Institute and she grew up with a sewing machine. Rhona sewed her 8th grade graduation dress! She also attended ceramic classes at the Museum of Modern Art prior to her family's move to New Rochelle, New York and following the completion of graduate school, had a ceramics studio for awhile.

Rhona became interested in road running. One of Rhona's running partners introduced her to Empire Quilters. As a result, Rhona immediately became a quilt maker. In the mean time, she was enrolled at Hunter College in the ceramics department as a non degree student and became an expert at firing large gas fired kilns although ultimately she had to give up her studio at the school. Rhona attends Empire Quilters and Quilters of Color meetings. She has enhanced her quilting skills by taking classes at Quilting by the Lake and Empire Quilters workshops.

Rhona was Quilter of the Month for April 2005 and April 2010.Below are pictures of her works shown at both of those presentations, and at several other meetings. Rhona is always reading, learning, and watching other quilters. She is always taking in quilting things and getting better. And those of us who know Rhona are always learning from her. She is generous, enthusiastic and fun! Many thanks to Rhona for sharing her work with us!

To see Rhona's works, please click here