Gallery - November 2006 - Anna Faustino

Anna Faustino was born and raised in St. Petersburg Russia. While there she earned two Bachelor Degrees specializing in teaching, art history and culture, painting, engineering drawing, and textile art. Anna worked as a teacher for ten years and for two years at the Kirov Opera and Ballet as a stage and costume decorator. Subsequently, Anna freelanced in art and knitting sweaters featuring her own decorative designs.

Anna moved to the US in 1995 and has became increasingly involved in quilting since 2004.

Anna's book, Simply Stunning Woven Quilts was published in in March 2008 by C&T Publishing. The book covers the basics of Anna's fabric weaving in three step-by-step lessons, then moves on to eight more techniques for weaving and combining fabrics. There are full-size patterns for her circle weaving technique, and cutting diagrams for 26 different quilts. Anna is a wonderful teacher. This book answers the question we all had — How did she do that? This is a must-have for every quilter's library. Congratulations, Anna!

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