Gallery - September 2008 - Marian Webber

Marian Webber has been sewing since she was 11 years old! She started quilting around 1975 and has made so many quilts that they are simply "too numerous to count." Marion joined Empire Quilters about 20 years ago and now belongs to four quilting groups and one craft club. Marian teaches scrap quilting and makes charity quilts for veterans, day care centers, and church groups. She is the co-chair (with Diane P. Holland and Charles Lilly) of the annual York College Quilt & Art show.

Marian and her husband Milton have been married for 60 years (congratulations, Marian!). She has three married sons and 11 grandchildren — most of whom have done some patchwork and quilting! We are so pleased and proud that Marian has been such a longtime faithful member of Empire Quilters. Many of us have Marian to thank for many valuable lessons — both in quilting and in life. Marian is one of our most talented and generous members. She is always on hand to lend a helping hand.


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