Gallery - February 2008- Nancy Rabatin

As a young girl Nancy Rabatin learned to sew on her mother's treadle machine and made lots of doll clothes. Next she switched to sewing clothes for herself instead. Eventually Nancy found that she was often unhappy with the results, as they either fit badly or were just not flattering so she stopped making them. But she missed the creativity from sewing and needed to find a new venue. Fortunately a friend suggested she attend the quilt show at the pier and there Nancy saw the great versatility in quilts and realized their real beauty. Nancy bought a kit and made her first quilt. From there she searched and found Empire Quilters! Quilting then took over her life. Nancy took lots of classes and focus groups at the guild and also read lots of books on quilting. Quilting is her true love and has gotten her through many rough times as well as keeping her warm on cold nights.

Another of Nancy's many interests and talents is doll making. We were delighted to see some of her beautiful dolls at the meeting. In the picture above, Nancy is holding Esmerelda — her peddler doll — with Esmeralda's basket of goods.


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