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Home2009 Quilt Show Information

Quilter Index:

Susan Acevedo:[800] Sky Blue Yonder • President's Challenge
Jane Adler:[300] Richard's 50th Birthday Quilt • Pieced
Jane Adler:[800] Steel Blue Butterflies • President's Challenge
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer:[363] I Think The Universe Is Trying To Tell Me Something • Appliqué •
2nd Prize: Appliqué
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer:[452] Evolution • Pictorial
Tina Barth:[802] Aquamarine Stream • President's Challenge •
President's Challenge Winner
Tina Barth:[321] Scrappy Browns with Dijon and Greens • Pieced
Jody M. Beitzel:[135] K Fasset in Bloom • Pieced • Judge's Choice1st Prize: Pieced
Jody M. Beitzel:[803] Purple Mountain, Her Majesty • President's Challenge
Betty Belford:[650] The Dunes in September • Pictorial • Miniature
Betty Belford:[203] Boxer Shorts Memory Quilt • Mixed Technique
Lisa Belle:[604] Battlefield, Trimbach, France • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Lisa Belle:[605] Under the Linden Tree, Alsace, France • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Lisa Belle:[804] Frankly Scarlet, I Love Your Quilt • President's Challenge
Marybeth Berlemann:[301] Ossabaw • Pieced
Marybeth Berlemann:[354] Domino Sugar Factory • Appliqué
Diana M. Berthold:[453] The Hampton Classic 30th Anniversary • Pictorial
Diana M. Berthold:[409] Dancing Shoes • Mixed Technique
Jennifer Bigelow:[322] Rhapsody Rose • Pieced
Denise Bradley:[700] ‘Crazy” for Africa • Other Techniques
Denise Bradley:[112] Batik My Moon • Pieced
Jane Broaddus:[410] Lost Carnival • Mixed Technique
Jane Broaddus:[113] Hippy Grandmother's Flower Garden • Pieced
Jane Broaddus:[805] Sky Blue Nine • President's Challenge
Mary Butler:[400] Kimonos • Mixed Technique
Mary Butler:[411] Notes Ascending • Mixed Technique
Sandra Cain:[701] 9 Crazy Windows • Other Techniques
June Calender:[323] Listening to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony • Pieced
Benedicte Caneill:[324] Units 9: Cityscape • Pieced • 1st Prize: Pieced
Benedicte Caneill:[651] The Beauties of New York • Pictorial • Miniature • 1st Prize:
Mary Cargill:[302] Jewel Boxes • Pieced • 2nd Prize: Pieced
Mary Cargill:[355] Tiffany Bouquet • Appliqué • Best Hand AppliquéBest Hand
3rd Prize: Appliqué
Anjean Carter:[325] Elephant and Stars • Pieced
Anjean Carter:[412] Lady Bird • Mixed Technique
Mildred Castro:[204] Whirlygigs in New York • Mixed Technique • Best In Show
1st Prize: Mixed Technique
Lucia Chan:[326] Stone Heads • Pieced
Lucia Chan:[356] A Tree's Nature • Appliqué • Best Threadwork2nd Prize:
Debby Carlson Chen:[401] Rock on Bree Street • Mixed Technique
Debby Carlson Chen:[807] Asparagus Green • President's Challenge
Mary Anne Ciccotelli:[303] Grandma's Hexagarden • Pieced • Best Pieced
Mary Anne Ciccotelli:[413] Splash of Silver • Mixed Technique
Shirley Clark:[114] Circles and Squares • Pieced
Diane Larrier Collier:[115] Diean'e Royal Tea / Royalty • Pieced
Diene Larrier Collier:[327] Many Faces of Eve • Pieced • 2nd Prize: Pieced
Janis C. Comerford:[702] Crazy White Work • Other Techniques
Judith Hoffman Corwin:[328] House in a Patchwork Garden • Pieced
Judith Hoffman Corwin:[808] Carnation Pink Playtime • President's Challenge
Aleeda Crawley:[364] Mum's the Word • Appliqué
Aleeda Crawley:[365] Market Women • Appliqué
Tom Cuff:[304] Diamond Blocks • Pieced • 1st Prize: Pieced
Tom Cuff:[305] Bowtie Scotties • Pieced • 1st Prize: Pieced
Pat Decker:[329] Sticks & Stones • Pieced
Pat Decker:[415] Outside the Box • Mixed Technique
Pat Decker:[810] Dandelion Sunrise • President's Challenge • Honorable Mention
Cathleen Devlin:[202] Patina • Mixed Technique
Lauren Dieterich:[116] Happy Daze • Pieced • 3rd Prize: Pieced
Lauren Dieterich:[416] Monster Mash • Mixed Technique • Best Machine AppliquéBest
Machine Quilting
2nd Prize: Mixed Technique
Joanne Downes:[352] Our Mountain Neighbor • Pieced
Lee Ebs:[750] GreenPiece • Group Quilt
Lee Ebs:[812] Peachy Keen • President's Challenge
Anna Faustino:[417] A View From Down Under • Mixed Technique • 1st Prize: Mixed
Anna Faustino:[454] Look, Look I See It • Pictorial • Best Pictorial Quilt1st Prize:
Anna Faustino:[813] Blue Grey Medley • President's Challenge
Barbara Shuff Feinstein:[330] Gates • Pieced
Barbara Shuff Feinstein:[418] Gardens of Japan • Mixed Technique
Barbara Shuff Feinstein:[814] Silver • President's Challenge
Renee Fields:[331] Marty's Ties • Pieced
Elaine Fineman:[100] Stars and Flowers • Pieced
Verna Fitzgerald:[601] Betty in the City • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Verna Fitzgerald:[816] I Like Orange • President's Challenge
Verna Fitzgerald:[500] Autumn • Autumn • Miniature
O. Betty Ford:[332] Purple Strata • Pieced
O. Betty Ford:[126] Simplicity • Pieced
Anna Foss:[102] Entelehy • Pieced
JoAnn Gatch:[333] Green Peace • Pieced
Margaret Geary:[117] Scrappy • Pieced
Larry Gifford:[850] Blue Violet • President's Challenge
Carol Goossens:[366] Grit and Glitz • Appliqué
Carol Goossens:[455] From This Moment On … • Pictorial • Most Innovative2nd Prize:
Emma E. Green:[334] Circling Africa • Pieced
Karen Griska:[125] Firing on All Cylinders • Pieced
Karen Griska:[153] The Red Zinger • Appliqué
Bente Hamann:[357] New York City • Appliqué
Pauline Hamer:[704] Hey Yo-Yo! • Other Techniques
Diane Harris:[429] Circles ini Lamé • Mixed Technique
Joan Hellmann:[307] Yellow and Green II • Pieced
Joan Hellmann:[819] Pink Hawaii Breadfruit • President's Challenge
Wendi Higginbotham:[335] Striped Stars and Webs: Ed's Challenge Continues • Pieced •
3rd Prize: Pieced
Wendi Higginbotham:[336] Red, Black and White Series #7: The Sampler • Pieced
Sylvia Hodge:[337] Through the Stained Glass Window • Pieced
Carole Hoffman:[456] The Kiss • Pictorial
Carole Hoffman:[820] Don't be a Silver Oxymoron • President's Challenge
Andrea Homer-Macdonald:[308] Start With Color • Pieced
Sandi Howell:[402] River of Life: 6 Units and Counting • Mixed Technique
Sandi Howell:[420] American Dream Scrapbook • Mixed Technique
Freida Hoyett:[358] Jazz Pianist • Appliqué
Freida Hoyett:[450] Out on the Town • Pictorial
Freida Hoyett:[821] Sunset Orange • President's Challenge
Sylvia Hughes:[503] Amish 2009 • Pieced • Miniature
Barbara Hull:[504] Play the Game #2 • Pieced • Miniature • 2nd Prize: Miniature
Barbara Hull:[505] Play the Game • Pieced • Miniature • 3rd Prize: Miniature
Barbara Hull:[822] Black … And … • President's Challenge
Brenda Hureau:[309] Arcadia • Pieced
Judith Isaacs:[310] Turq Circ • Pieced • 3rd Prize: Pieced
Judith Isaacs:[311] Pineapple Stars • Pieced
Judith Isaacs:[823] Scarlett Lily Meet Natasha Blue • President's Challenge
Kate Iscol:[128] Housetop — Nine Block Variation • Pieced
Gloria Jean Johnson:[367] My Stained Galss Flower • Appliqué
Jacqueline Johnson:[403] Troubled Water • Mixed Technique
Jacqueline Johnson:[421] Meditation at the Door of No Return • Mixed Technique
Jackquelynn Jones:[551] Brown Angels • Appliqué • Miniature
Jackquelynn Jones:[404] Tavia — African Silhouettes • Mixed Technique
Jackquelynn Jones:[824] Fantasy of a Turquoise Blue Ocean • President's Challenge
Linda Lee Kelly:[338] Color My World • Pieced
Linda Lee Kelly:[825] Sepia Tones • President's Challenge
Paula Kenney:[339] Don't Be Koi • Pieced
Gurusurya Kaur Khalsa:[312] Gobinde Mukande • Pieced
Gurusurya Kaur Khalsa:[340] Sukhmani • Pieced
Emily Shuff Klainberg:[341] Brush Stroke • Pieced
Emily Shuff Klainberg:[606] The Shuff Family • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Emily Shuff Kalinberg:[826] Facets of "Famous" "Giving Tree" • President's Challenge
Adina Klein:[119] Horst and Kaffe and Judy and Me • Pieced • 1st Prize: Pieced
Adina Klein:[827] Tan Line • President's Challenge
Susan Knaster:[129] Hugs and Kisses for Violet Knaster's 90th Birthday • Pieced • 3rd
Prize: Pieced
Susan Knaster:[351] Stars for Wyatt • Pieced
Marilyn Korn:[342] More Stuffed Olives Please! • Pieced
Marilyn Korn:[359] Sun Rising Over Clouds, A New Day • Appliqué
Marilyn Korn:[828] Rainforest Orchids • President's Challenge • Honorable Mention
Anna Krassy:[120] Blue Sky Sunshine • Pieced • 2nd Prize: Pieced
Anna Krassy:[130] My Hawaiian Fantasy • Pieced
Veronica Kurian:[422] Raven Feather • Mixed Technique
Eve Lee:[313] City Blox • Pieced
Eve Lee:[752] Quilt of 1,000 Hours • Group Quilt
Debra J. Levin:[131] Purple Jane • Pieced
Debra J. Levin:[132] Purple Swirl • Pieced
Debra J. Levin:[829] Bubblicious: Alan Greenspan Repents in Spring Green • President's Challenge
Laurinda Liang:[103] Prismatic Field • Pieced • Best Use of Color3rd Prize: Pieced
Laurinda Liang:[432] Undulating Swirl • Mixed Technique
Susan Louis:[405] Paul Klee Meets Marc Chagall • Mixed Technique
Susan Louis:[406] Illuminations • Mixed Technique
Susan Louis:[830] Self Portrait in Yellow Green • President's Challenge
Marilyn Lutzker:[314] Historic Hankies • Pieced
Marilyn Lutzker:[315] Colors of Autumn • Pieced
Marilyn Lutzker:[831] Green Bird in a Purple Forest (in Africa) • President's Challenge
Karen Makower:[753] Duded Up • Group Quilt
Roz Manor:[150] Women, Etcetera • Appliqué • 2nd Prize: Appliqué
Roz Manor:[451] Finding Balance • Pictorial • 3rd Prize: Pictorial
Véronique Milliez:[104] Cozy Squares • Pieced
Véronique Milliez:[832] Color Your World with Red Violet Flowers • President's Challenge
Karen Monath:[121] Stars of the Garden • Pieced
Karen Monath:[122] Piña Colada • Pieced
Jo Ann Montalbano:[407] Positive Pathway • Mixed Technique
Jo Ann Montalbano:[849] Lavender and Old Lace • President's Challenge
Paulette Myers:[424] The Old West — My Interpretation • Mixed Technique
Pauline Myers:[250] Blinig it On! • Pictorial
Pauline Myers:[425] This is How my Garden Grows • Mixed Technique
Hildegard Nadler:[372] Mending My Heart • Appliqué • 3rd Prize: Appliqué
Hildegard Nadler:[430] Not Too Rosy • Mixed Technique
Hildegard Nadler:[851] Recount • President's Challenge
Agneta Noe:[133] Virginia Stars Sampler • Pieced • 2nd Prize: Pieced
Wendy O'Flaherty:[427] Celebrate! • Mixed Technique
Alice Palmer:[431] 1930's Dresden • Mixed Technique • Best Traditional3rd Prize:
Mixed Technique
Beth Pile:[316] Great White Way — Broadway • Pieced
Beth Pile:[834] Tickle Me Pink • President's Challenge
Mary E. Pitta:[602] Country Cottage • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Ann Plutzer:[360] Victorian Portraits • Appliqué
Jo Anne Powell:[457] No Hour Lost • Pictorial • 3rd Prize: Pictorial
Jo Anne Powell:[458] Rubber Duckie • Pictorial
Marguerite Renz:[317] Keever's Color Dreams • Pieced
Lea Williams Rose:[152] A Sea of Tea Cups • Appliqué
Jane Rosenthal:[369] New York Beauty-full • Appliqué
Jane Rosenthal:[837] Shamrock Baby — Baby Jane Goes to Ireland • President's Challenge
Diane Rubenstein:[105] Rube's Emeralds and Sapphires • Pieced
Diane Rubenstein:[838] White Sale • President's Challenge
Sandra Samaniego:[361] Robot • Appliqué
Sandra Samaniego:[370] Tee Shirt Quilt • Appliqué
Gail Sanders:[501] Not Cousin Phil's Mask • Pieced • Miniature
Susan Sato:[408] Round and Round Series • Mixed Technique
Diane Rode Schneck:[839] Orange Slices • President's Challenge
Ligaya Siachongco:[151] Circle of Love • Appliqué
Ligaya Siachongco:[428] Kiirtan — Dance of Surrender • Mixed Technique
Ligaya Siachongco:[840] Blue is My World • President's Challenge
Anna Sinitsyna:[134] Fortune Wheels • Pieced • Judge's Choice2nd Prize: Pieced
Anna Sinitsyna:[200] Butterflies in the Garden • Mixed Technique • Best Mixed Technique
2nd Prize: Mixed Technique
Anna Sinitsyna:[841] The Shades of Orchids • President's Challenge • Honorable Mention
Lorna Spence-Ellis:[124] Empire Scraps • Pieced
Lorna Spence-Ellis:[344] Squares Dancing • Pieced
Lorna Spence-Ellis:[842] Midnight Blue Forest • President's Challenge
Kitty Squire:[345] Ellen's Surprise • Pieced
Susan Stauber:[106] Basement Constellation • Pieced
Susan Stauber:[107] Golen Madrogada • Pieced
Rhona Triggs:[318] Zebra Tiles • Pieced
Rhona Triggs:[371] Spiral Pansies • Appliqué
Valerie Turer:[353] Karin is a Friendship Star • Pieced
Betsy Vinegrad:[346] Log Cabin Gone Wild • Pieced
Betsy Vinegrad:[506] Glow in the Dark • Pieced • Miniature • 1st Prize: Miniature
Betsy Vinegrad:[843] Indigo Trails • President's Challenge
Linda Vredenberg:[844] Granny Smith Apple • President's Challenge
Rossanna Wells:[603] Life is a Holiday! • Mixed Technique • Miniature
Pamela Leonard Wexler:[319] Jane and Hannah on the Savannah • Pieced
Pamela Leonard Wexler:[320] Janeway • Pieced
Pamela Leonard Wexler:[845] Brick Redwork • President's Challenge
Mindy Wexler-Marks:[108] #6 — Traditional Hexagon Quilt • Pieced
Mindy Wexler-Marks:[201] #5 — 3rd Generation Doily Quilt • Mixed Technique • Viewer's Choice
Laura White:[347] Forest for the Trees • Pieced
Mary White:[846] Hope Rises in a Midnight Blue Sky • President's Challenge
Myrna Williams:[348] Stitch Your Fruits and Vegetables • Pieced
Myrna Williams:[349] Alphabet Stories IV • Pieced
Maggie Williamson:[109] Autumn Sunset • Pieced
Maggie Williamson:[110] Jacque's Joker • Pieced
Carolyn Wollen:[350] Carols' Gardens • Pieced
Ellen Yamaguchi:[111] Soaring Cranes • Pieced
Ellen Yamaguchi:[362] Oliver's Friends • Appliqué
Ellen Yamaguchi:[848] Wisteria by the Lake • President's Challenge

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